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We value our patients' experience at Being Healthy Nutrition. If you are currently a  patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Scientist Sonny Batra
Your Edmonton Scientist

Duane Senez

In August 2015 I was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma brain tumor, 13 months life expectancy, the surgeon said, this cancer is going to take your life. These were very powerful words to have to deal with. Sept 2 2015, I had an operation to remove the tumor. Started chemo and radiation in

Oct. 2015, dropped out of the chemo/ radiation with 3 days left. It was killing me fast. I started a 1 gram a day for 60+ grams of marijuana oil treatment; this was the beginning of the road to a
natural way to treat this horrible disease. I have seen Naturopaths, which helped immensely; I have spent a fortune in Mexico which helped with the nutrition and food preparation. While there I also did several other treatments. But, still I felt poorly even after two clean MRI, I then discovered Sonny. At first I only wanted to do the hyperbaric chamber, as an addition to the treatment I was doing with my naturopath. I thought I was happy with my progress up to this point. Sonny, at first, with his many questions and almost too good to be true attitude set me on

the defensive a bit. This is easily done, believe me, I am not a very trusting person by nature. i am no dummy though; a lot can be learned from many situations. My first hyperbaric treatment was different in comparison to what I did in Mexico as I am breathing a set amount of oxygen through a mask. I noticed a definite improvement of a feeling of well being. Of course oxygen will do that I thought. When I get out of the chamber I am greeted by a pleasant Sonny with a question “How do you feel?” Well, I did feel better, so that was my answer. We went up front to pay and Sonny wanted to chat more about my situation and mentioned a few of his products and

I thought here we go! Day two, Greeted by a happy Sonny, asked a question, ”how do you feel?”not how are you doing but how do you feel. More questions of my over all well being, I am a
hesitant person, always have been. Day three, same situation “How do you feel” well I have had sinus issues most of my adult life and Hyperbaric was giving me some ear squeeze, Sonny
had the solution, and it worked and still is working. Wow, this has been an issue for years, in fact

I even had a surgery done to help, which only lasted a short while. Sonny’s questions and experiences have definitely attracted my curiosity. With the brain cancer and surgery came
much confusion, short term memory issues, vision impairments, which I thought I was doing quite well managing as I thought a two to three year recovery rate to the point of some eye issues was what I was aiming for. After all I now have two MRI’s that are not showing any signs of regrowth. Sonny, said he has some thing he believed would help, so I opted to trust him, he has been doing well so far. With in two days, my vision started to become noticeably improved, even the confusion was lessening.

I am several visits in now and always the same question “How are you feeling?” Sonny has made some remarkable improvements in my overall well being and he continues to strive to help me further to a more comfortable natural way of feeling. Sonny goes far above my expectations. He even calls me at home to make sure things are going well. This man is amazing and has proved to me that he can help, his methods are effective and his constant attention to detail is much needed in this age of in the door and out with a useless prescription that does not get at the root cause.

Most recently, I was offered to have my gallbladder removed due to some inflammation, nothing showing on the CT or the ultra sound.

I am on day two after listening to Sonny, and the pain is almost gone and I feel better. And I get to keep my gallbladder! 

I should have stayed in Canada to get my treatment here, it would have cost much less, I feel that I would be farther ahead. But, the weather was definitely better in Mexico in January, lol 

My respectfully offered thank you Sonny

Glioblastoma free and recovering strong, Duane

Nellie Sousa

May 29 ∙ Edmonton

Last November I was told after a series of ultrasounds and blood tests that I was in early menopause. It explained my fatigue and poor mood. I was fearful that this would be what I would have to deal with indefinitely. My doctor offered hormone therapy. She advised me that some women need to take anti depressants. She also said that I coud try a natural route as I was in overall good health. I felt bad but was healthy. What? I remembered a little health store by my house and decided to give it a try. I met Sunny and he listened to my story. He put me on supplements and wanted me to come back after a week to let him know how I was doing. It was the beginning of my journey back to health. Since November my energy has increased dramatically. I can run 5 km which I had never done before. Sunny also helped me get my sugar cravings under control. I had also suffered from day long headaches at least twice a week (I went through alot of extra strength Tylenol), I get headaches infrequently now. Although my goal was never weight loss, I have lost 20 pounds over several months. My increased energy and better mood led me to become more physically active. Thank you Sunny.

Brenda Campbell

May 9

We are so very, very thankful a friend of ours told us about Sunny. Sunny who contacts us about our daughter 3 times a day, sking about her and making changes to the supplements just for her. 

Our 13 year old daughter was very sick all last year. No one could figure out what was happening to her. She was sick with headaches, earaches, sore throat, fevers and more headaches. It became almost impossible for her to get out of bed.

We finally got a cat scan, that we payed for, and they diagnosed her with chronic sinusitis paranasal disease.

The 2 specialists she was seeing each gave her prescriptions. This helped a bit but she still had no energy, was listless and not as happy as she used to be. She would still become sick quickly and seemed to catch every bug going around. We were always very frustrated and constantly worried.

Every time she became sick we would take her back to the doctor hoping there was something else that could help her.

They just kept increasing her medication, to the point where we became extremely uncomfortable and worried.

That's when we heard about Sunny. He immediately put her in the hyperbaric chamber and gave her supplements after asking excellent questions specifically about our daughter.

He told us to stop the medicine prescribed to her. We were worried about this because if she missed one dose prior, she would be in bed the next day.

She was not this time! She had a headache but she said it wasn't like it was before. She continued to feel better. Sunny continually checked up on her.

We took her back the next week. Progress again. We were in awe. Our daughter was returning to us.

She became sick after that but we knew all the junk in her had to come out. She said she still felt better than before meeting Sunny.

She had her third sit in the hyper baric chamber this past weekend and has been sooooooo much better. We love it.

We recommend this to everyone, our daughter is back and there is no price for that.

Words really cannot express how relieved and thankful we are.

 My Story- by Jeannie Papadopoulos

I was born jeannie Jarratt, the oldest of nine girls,then 3 boys born to my parents Charles & Lillian Jarratt Of Naco Ab. A now obscure CN line from the “50’s with only a carin remaining of even the town! My Grandparents(according to research of my uncle in Sophia Bulgaria in 1991 my grandparents were Greek Orthodox) They were from around the south Chernobyl Ukraine area in 1905. I started my education in a 1 room white school house in Sedalia AB with grades 1-12 all together-1 teacher-and they complain today! they prepared lessons daily for all those students! At gr. % we went to A larger center down the road. And I finished in still another school further away because of bullying!...Yes! It was alive and well back then!To the degree one day my mother sat me down after a particular bad day with them and taught me how to draw which later in life gave me my Window Jeannie drawing skills! I would spend hours drawing after school ---broken hearten but drawing.....!...mom doesn’t even remember it She turns 90 next yr on DEC. 17!!!! My grandparents settled near the SASK. border near Kerrimur AB.Thats where my background started. On May 18/68 I married a gifted local horse trainer/rancher. We set up a large horse training facility/arena 2 miles east of Consort on #9 Highway,where we trained Quarter Horses,Team Roping horses,Appaloosa Show Horses etc and traveled allover western Canada for all our clients.I had a happy life,I learned many skills. I was a butcher ,vet assistant,cook,wrote and illustrated for rodeo magazines  both here and across the line. Worked in fine art ,painting peoples favorite show horse,plus more,raised Shetland sheep dogs.I co-wrote and illustrated during this time a children/moms-cookbook with a gal from Consort. It created a big splash as we kept it secret! Safeway handled it too and we were Canadian/American Best Sellers in 10 weeks and had all our loans pd off on 11 weeks! Giggles to Gumdrops can still be found in some libraries around although now out of print! Fortunately I came away with one terrific son and unfortunately one divorce from that situation. The cowboy life is a hard one. Too much alcohol and other women are a bad combination!

Sometime in the 80’s I was thrown from a horse I was training, I was thrown from an tough young offspring from my favorite grey rope horse and landed on my head on rocky ground; resulting in a bad concussion on the top of my head that had me sick for a month. I didn’t know A ticking time bomb had been created in my head! After my divorce I moved to Edmonton and attended NAIT for 1 year studying Commercial Signage. (graduated with honors) I had greatly admired the wonderful signage in arenas that were ALL hand paint (before computers took over our world) but always believed there would always be a place in this world for fine window painting advertising, hence Window Jeannie was born.After Nait my passion was hand painted water based window painting which was seen around Edmonton for the past 28 yrs. Mostly Seasonal Christmas and dealership windows.I had  the privileged of painting 4 murals for the Avenue of Champions. One of them right in city hall with Mayor Bill Smith and 77 inner city school children! We also bought a bucket truck in Phoenix AZ. and installed flags and pennants,banners,signs,etc.

 Having met my Greek husband at NAIT we married in 1991 and had a daughter in 1992 and painted windows 22 years when I experienced my first full catatonic seizure (Feb /13and had a brain scan and was diagnosed with a meningioma is a tumor that arises from the meninges — the membranes that surround your brain and spinal cord. Most meningiomas are noncancerous (benign.

 Years before I had experienced smells of burnt toast, and there was no burnt toast....the doctor told me to hold my breath and close my eyes.....can I still smell the burnt toast? I said no because at that moment I could not....so he told me that I did not have a brain tumor and to go home...Was this how I was given a diagnosis? I also had a bad habit of dropping things held by my left hand, like cans of paint, cans, cooking things, whatever the left hand would hold would fall, but only when i didn't focus on it....This was how my original diagnosis was made allowing another full 8 yrs of grow to occurs!My first seizure occurred in Feb./13. And the first medication Dilantin was not covering the seizures but you had to get use to dosages! my hair fell out! I looked at wigs! My new reality! I was dizzy! sick! In bed! Holding on to walls or others for support! Horrible! Looking for answers!What was this monster that would  come out of a cave and grab me and take me into a horrible darkness at any time,any where?!!!!!! I found out my tumor was on my “road track””motor-strip” in a delicate area called the "motor strip" a critical area surgeons don’t like to approach unless the tumor has encapsulated enabling them to peel it out like an onion skin.You can imagine our frustration when in one brief period of time I kept track in my diary of seizures and had as many as 32 in a 60 day period. Trust me this was NO way to live! So began our round looking for answers in alopathic medicine and alternative medicine.Little can cross the blood brain barrier of the brain.

Thru this search my husband Leo had discovered many ways to detox- a slow process and had met many people. One of Leo's friends introduced him to Sunny at Being Healthy where we learned about Sunny's Hyperbaric chamber that had saved his own life and was available to others. This is how the huge leap in healing went into "hyper-drive". What an huge change I have and continue to observe. after my first treatment in the oxygen chamber i noticed: i went in wobbly and leaned on things to keep my balance, I would get "stuck" briefly looking for words...my medications left my short term memory..."very short", I forgot more than I remembered.....I came out of the chamber and was "sharp" able to balance on one foot with the other extended in front , i was not searching for words anymore, my medications were not negatively impacting my memory and balance anywhere near as much! i had restored sensation in my feet which were experiencing neuropathy from the medications as another undesired side effect. I can walk with out assistance- especially up stairs,my short term memory & balance is drastically improved,strength,noticeably,fatigue has improved ,my anti-seizure med do not make me so dizzy, I see lots of improvements. oxygen can get where nothing else can go! I also observed the detoxing went into super hyperdrive, i am very thankful that Sunny has recommended herbs to assist with the detoxing and made things so much and so very quickly turn around! Its the beginning of my miracle for me! others should experience this for sure! I really feel different, confident and hopeful about my future! I believe that Oxygen in high concentration and under pressure accelerates healing and detoxing so very much that it can only be described only as "orders of magnitude" better!!

My partner, Heather's Healing Journey began back in September 2014, when she felt ill. She was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (cholangiocarcenoma), for which, the medical doctors told us there was no [conventional] treatment. She was sent home to get her affairs in order and wait out the inevitable end. They had offered surgery that would only alleviate her suffering. The surgery was never performed due to a series of what we then thought of as "unfortunate" events. In hindsight we are glad we never took that route.

Perhaps we were in denial at the time, but with the words "there's no treatment" ringing in our ears, we began searching for alternative therapies and began using our new-found knowledge to change our diet (now organic with emphasis on vegetables and fruits, including Green Juicing) and added Natural Supplements to boost her health. Health Food stores had become a common shopping place. Heather began to feel better and her blood reports were reflecting improvement, much to the shock of the doctors! The changes we had made must surely be working, but we wondered if we were using the best supplements for her situation, or if there were others we should use as well. The stores we frequented were helpful in providing (or ordering) the supplements we asked for.

I noticed another Health Food store (Simply Health) had opened nearby where I live and made a mental note that it was closer to me, but stayed with the familiar stores; I had become a regular that they recognized. But then, in October, I noticed a sign at Simply Health saying that they would soon be offering Hyperbaric treatment. This was something that had come up in our research too, but was not available in our city for the treatment of cancer. We'd have to have gone to another country if we wanted to pursuit this treatment. We were curious to speak with the proprietor when it became available.

In December 2014, we went in to inquire about the treatment. We met Sunny Batra and his wife who were both available to answer our questions. Sunny took time to explain how it works and also shared his own personal Healing Journey with us. We were moved by his desire to share what he had learned in restoring wellness to his own body. He asked to meet with Heather so that he could assess her situation and make recommendations of treatment. During the consultation, we brought in everything we were doing for her. He was able to confirm that many of the supplements we were using were doing good, and he suggested other supplements to augment the healing process as well as Hyperbaric therapy.

Sunny is intuitive by nature and was able to see Heather's skepticism. He answered all of her questions and gave her confidence to feel that there was hope in using Hyperbaric Therapy. Heather began treatments within a few days of the consultation.

We have spent a great deal of time at the clinic for treatments, during which we have gotten to know Sunny very well. Words like Friend and even Family are how I'd describe our relationship as we truly feel that he is caring for us both as one would care for a dear one. While Heather is in the chamber, Sunny makes me a tea, and we talk while attending to Heather's needs. Sunny even calls us daily to check up on how Heather is feeling.

We have come to see that Sunny's passion goes much further. He is committed to guide everyone to wellness with the wisdom he has acquired on his journey. He is driven to, with the permission of his customers, collect data with the purpose of sharing information to those in power to make a real difference to all Canadians. Currently, Sunny is collecting letters from customers and from friends and relatives asking for a change in our Government Healthcare Policies to cover costs of Natural Supplements (as with pharmaceuticals) and alternative treatments (such as the Hyperbaric Chamber). It is his belief, and ours, to have all options readily available to anyone who is sick and wishes to return to health, as well as anyone in good health who wishes to maintain wellness. It is in everyone's best interest, including the government, to have a community and country with the healthiest people.

We know that we are in good hands with Sunny.

If you are moved to write a letter or a testimonial, please do! The more voices that are added to ours, the louder our mission to make real change becomes.

Carol Botto
Heather Nelson

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