Sonny Batra is an Applied Health Scientist that was bedridden for six years. He had money in his pocket but no health. At that time, he went into research mode. During his research, he has found the human body has an amazing healing power.

Being an Applied Health Scientist and businessman, he wants to bring Functional Medicine to the people of Alberta by bringing Functional Medicine Research Centre that is based on nutrition and oxygen. This Centre will be able to heal a lot of people afflicted with Auto-Immune and Chronic Disease. He is also capable of not only curing humans but dogs as well and has recently cured 2 sick dogs.

Two systems are needed to work in parallel: Pharmaceutical Drugs and Functional Medicine. During Sonny’s research, he found that when the human body is sick, it just needs two things; Good Oxygen and Good Nutrition. With those two things, the body can heal itself naturally.

Benefits of this Functional Medicine Centre

1. It will bring health tourism to Alberta.
When people are sick with terminal disease, they commonly go to other countries like Mexico, USA, Germany, India etc. With this Funcational Medicine Centre, we will retain money in this province while also bringing in new income.
2. It will reduce the wait times in hospitals.
3. Our medical budget is over inflate.
This Functional Medicine Centre (which is more economical and has a healthier approach towards health) it will bring down over inflated medical costs.

If you have any questions about how we can get you out of pain or improve your overall quality of life, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (780) 406-1919.